When a couple decides to pursue a divorce, there are naturally a great deal of decisions to be made, some more difficult than others. While property division is one area of contention, when it comes to child custody decisions, court intervention might be necessary. When one parent wishes to leave Maryland after a divorce, any child custody agreement can require a great deal of modification.

The issue of state to state relocation can come up for a variety of reasons. One parent may have the chance to pursue greater financial opportunities within their career if they relocate. Also, the issue of a parent finding their own happiness in another state may make a move an appealing choice.

In family courts, the judge will work to acknowledge the wishes and happiness of either parent. But, the welfare and best interests of the child will supersede that of the parents. When a parent seeks court intervention to approve a relocation, they will typically need to prove how the move will directly impact the child and show some sort of evidence that it will be beneficial for the child. This benefit may also need to reach beyond a simple increase in pay that may provide a better financial life.

Parents should be fully prepared to not get the approval to take a child out of state and may have to alter their own plans to accommodate the rights of the other parent. No two child custody relocation situations are alike. Whenever a Maryland parent is preparing to present a case for relocation or looking to prevent a relocation, each may benefit from having as much information as possible as far as how the move may directly and indirectly impact the child.

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