Everyone in the midst of a divorce knows the transition can be a trying time on everyone involved. When children are involved, the divorce process and child custody process can affect kids for the long term, according to new studies. Maryland parents may want to learn about the new findings so they may be better prepared to deal with the affects of divorce.

The study relates the level of security children felt as they grew up and the closeness they have with one parent compared to the other. One essential finding states that children who are under 5 when their parents split were more insecure concerning their relationship with one of their parents. The level at which they would feel they could depend on them or trust in that parent was diminished. The study explicitly cites the relationship these children grow to have with their fathers.

One bright note pertaining to the study is the finding that divorce had no measurable impact on how children of divorce handle adult romantic relationships. Experts contend the study emphasizes the need for fathers to be as involved as possible with their children after divorce. The study also noted that while divorce can affect children, the notion of staying together for the kids can have a more negative impact.

Each divorce and child custody situation is as unique as the family involved. However, findings such as those discovered in this study may help parents navigate and prepare for the consequences of divorce and child custody situations. The more Maryland parents learn about the impacts of divorce, the better they may able to help those affected.

Source: postcresent.com, ” Study: Divorce in early childhood may harm adult ties with parents,” July 19, 2013