Many Maryland readers may be familiar with NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, who cemented her place in racing history in March 2011 by placing the highest on the national circuit of any female driver in NASCAR’s 64-year history. In less happy news, however, the famous driver recently announced that she and her husband will be splitting after seven years of marriage. She stated that the split would be an amicable one. Reports indicate that the prenuptial agreement signed by the two will likely govern most of the property division from the marriage. A proposed settlement agreement will likely be filed to address those things not covered by the prenup.

Patrick reportedly married Paul Hospenthal after the two met when the physical therapist treated her for an injury. The 17-year age difference between the older physical therapist and younger race car driver did not deter them from pursuing a romance and eventual marriage. Reports do not indicate whether that age gap played any part in their eventual divorce filing.

In fact, details related to the marital split remain few overall. Patrick announced the pending divorce on her Facebook page and expressed sadness that the marriage hadn’t worked out. On the flip side, she also stressed that she and her husband were divorcing on friendly terms and that she planned to remain friends with him.

Of course, the fact that the pair has a prenuptial agreement will likely help the two to remain on amicable terms with each other. A prenuptial agreement can remove much of the stress that can come from entering into the property division process. Maryland residents who are unsure whether to suggest the possibility of signing a prenuptial agreement with a potential spouse may wish to research all of the benefits that such an agreement can provide. They exist to protect both parties in a marriage and, considering the changes that have come across American society over the past few decades, are often a good idea for couples across a variety of income levels.

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