Maryland baby boomers and others may well remember the songs and stage performances of then teenage heart-throb, Paul Anka. Some may not know, however, that he was actually once married to Ana Aberg, otherwise known as Miss Sweden. The two have a child, an 11-year-old son, who has been the subject of a contentious child custody battle in court.

Anka appears to have come out the victor in the custody litigation between himself and his former wife. His current wife is said to have exchanged a few words his former wife regarding the child while they were at the court house. It seems the boy’s mother believes Anka used his fame, power and money to outdo her in court.

The court ruled Anka is to have sole custody of his son; in fact, the child’s mother is to have no contact with the boy at all. The 46-year-old mother has expressed her disappointment in the ruling. Her attorney pointed out that even parents struggling with substance abuse are often able to communicate with their children, and the court’s decision to not allow Aberg any contact with her own son seems unfair.

Typically, the only reason the court disallows parental contact with children is when such contact may prove detrimental to the children in some way. Often, the type of representation a parent secures before heading to court bears significant impact on the outcome of a particular case. Maryland parents facing child custody problems may want to turn to attorneys who have battled other high profile situations and won.

Source: Fox News, ” Paul Anka wins custody of his 11-year-old son from Miss Sweden Anna Aberg“, Richard Johnson, July 3, 2017