Whenever a couple is going through a divorce, there are many decisions to be made, regardless of how long they may have been together. As technology reaches across daily life in almost every way, electronic communications and social media accounts can easily become part of a divorce. Maryland couples trying to divide everything in their lives may want to follow a few helpful tips about how to divide electronic or social media accounts.

Couples may have shared emails, just as they have shared bank accounts. For some family and friends, using this joint email may be a primary form of communication. It may be necessary for one party to excuse themselves from the account and create another to avoid awkward situations, such as joint invites to events.

Another aspect of digital life that may need immediate attention when a couple splits is any social media accounts. There may be countless pictures that one party wants removed to end an online association with the marriage or because they serve as reminders of happier times. Some family members and friends may also need to be “unfriended” if keeping them as a contact proves to be distressing or counterintuitive to dealing with the divorce successfully.

While there is no foolproof or cut and dried way to handle social media and emails during a divorce, it is one area of life that many may not give much thought to until an awkward situation presents itself. Maryland couples may benefit from deciding together exactly what to do about a joint email account. As for social media and navigating relationships with soon to ex-in-laws or mutual friends, that may require some forethought that couples years ago did not have to contend with.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, Facebook in a Time of Divorce, Penny Berryman, Nov. 14, 2013