There are times when a divorce can take quite a while to resolve. There can also be numerous hearings to address issues that crop up pertaining to child custody and visitation disagreements. However, one divorce case involving children has recently made news because of the length of time it has been ongoing. Any Maryland couples currently going through divorce proceedings may want to follow the story.

The case has gone on for over 10 years and has entailed almost 600 court motions and rulings. For years, both sides have accused the other of wrongdoing. However, much of the discontent centers on the children and interference of custody and visitation. The couple has 12-year-old twins.

One accusation claimed the father, who currently lives outside of the United States, has such a profound narcissistic disorder that he should not see the children at all. He countered that claim with other evaluations from different experts and was granted supervised visits. The father has not seen the children in four years even though unification therapy was ordered to help smoothly reunite them.

The long lived case between this couple is also complicated because of various financial matters, such as settlements, fines and legal fees. While the child custody and visitation issues play out, the costs of repeated court visits build for both sides. Because a case can take long to decide or issues may need to be revisited over the years, it is advised that couples or co-parents in Maryland and elsewhere try and work together to come to an amicable solution.

Source: USA Today, No end in sight for 10-year-old divorce case, Dave Collins, Sept. 8, 2013