Maryland parents who have divorced may agree that the process can be extremely challenging at times, especially where children are concerned. Amicably navigating the family law system while keeping children’s best interests at heart is typically a main goal of most parents who divorce. Parenting plans obviously change when married couples choose to sever their ties. Adjusting to new situations often evokes strong emotions, including (for many) guilt.

One mom said she often feels guilty when her daughters are with their father. She sees her girls every other weekend, and on the days they’re away, she has lots of time to herself. This took much getting used to after divorce, she says, and often causes her to feel guilty, as though she has to make up for lost time when her daughters come to spend the night.

On the other hand, the same mother said she believes divorce can actually help people improve their parenting skills. In her own case, it was her husband who mostly interacted with their children during marriage. Since her divorce, she says she has had to learn to become far more active in her children’s lives.

When parenting plans lead to disagreement between former spouses, children are often negatively impacted. Most Maryland parents want what’s best for their children, and they’re willing to compromise and cooperate to resolve any problems that arise. Many say what helped them most in such circumstances was seeking support from experienced family law attorneys who know how to protect parents’ rights and make sure children’s best interests remain central focal points in all divorce proceedings.

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