It can seem like divorcing couples that are on agreeable terms with one another have the best of both worlds. Not only are they able to avoid a rigid divorce through the collaborative process or possibly mediation, but they seem to want to be fair down the line. However, Maryland couples seeking such an agreeable compromise should be wary of possible financial mistakes that can be made by being too nice to one another.

One potential mistake that can arise from being too nice during the divorce process is skimming over the financial details of a divorce. When a couple is getting a divorce, the parties may try to rush through the financial details in order to avoid any acrimony. However, not paying enough attention to the financial details of a divorce can be a very impactful mistake.

Normally, financial terms agreed to during the divorce process are considered final once approved. Thus, making mistakes during the financial negotiations of a divorce can have serious and lasting effects on the parties to a divorce as well as any children of the marriage.

Another closely related mistake that can be made by being too nice during a divorce is not requesting enough financial information from the other party to the divorce. Not knowing the complete financial picture can increase the likelihood of making a financial mistake during the divorce process.

Thus, while rushing through the gathering of financial information and the negotiating of financial details may sometimes seem like a nicer way to go about a divorce, being properly informed of the financial picture and being careful and deliberate during the negotiations of the financial details of a divorce can be much more beneficial in the long run. While people may not want to “make waves” during a divorce, it is also important for one to not leave themselves vulnerable to impactful financial mistakes.

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