Couples that are in a divorce proceeding may not necessarily want to commemorate the occasion with a photograph. Yet that sentiment was not shared by one couple who recently made the news. They took a quick photo, or selfie, and posted it on Facebook. The photograph shows them smiling outside the courthouse building.

Although many couples might not post divorce pictures on their social media accounts, this example does illustrate the potential for approaching a divorce with cooperation. In fact, couples may even select a collaborative process, by which issues of property division, child and/or spousal support are resolved without litigation. In this couple’s example, their posting explained that they wanted to cooperate for the sake of their children.

For couples with children, a divorce seldom means the end of any interaction with the other party. Visitation or parenting plans may require parents to cooperate with scheduling matters, possibly attending their children’s school events together. For that reason, approaching a divorce with an eye to the future can be a wise tactic. A couple that can discuss divorce issues with respect may set a foundation for working together in the future. As last-minute scheduling issues may arise, that model of cooperation may go a long way towards avoiding future conflict or disagreements.

Of course, a collaborative divorce may not be for every couple. However, even couples in litigation can work out settlement agreements on many issues before presenting those agreements to the court. Those settlement discussions may help save time and money, as well as heartache. To learn more about less contentious divorce approaches, check out my firm’s family law and divorce webpage.

Source: Huffington Post, ” This Couple’s Divorce Selfie Is Surprisingly Sweet,” Brittany Wong, Sept. 1, 3015