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What Is Financial Abuse and What to Do About It

Financial abuse occurs when an abuser controls all of the financials in a relationship and withholds money from the victim.  This is

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Challenging a Forged Will- Lesson Learned from Tiger King and Carole Baskin

You may have been one of many who binge-watched Netflix’s Tiger King during stay-at-home phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.  If so, you are very familiar with

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Who Gets to Claim the Children as Tax Deductions?

The Federal Government is contemplating a bill releasing stimulus checks for individuals who fall below a certain amount of Adjusted Gross Income for tax year 2

Getting through the Holidays

The holidays are a very hard time for many people because of great loss they experienced during the year through the death of a loved one, divorce, or separatio

Once agreed always agreed: Not for Kate Hudson’s parenting plans

Although most Maryland parents who divorce hope to achieve fair and agreeable settlements, especially regarding issues involving their children, it doesn’t alwa

Sheriff’s department ups safety measures for child custody issues

Maryland parents who have gone through divorce understand how stressful the process can be. Most want what’s best for their children and are willing to cooperat

Effects on you aren’t the primary concern in child custody cases

Parenting plans are a crucial part of your life if you and your child’s other parent aren’t in a relationship. These plans set the stage for what your child’s l

Making the decision to leave an unhappy marriage

Young couples who plan to marry often cite love as the driving force behind their decision. However, when it comes to sustaining a marriage, love alone is often

Ensuring for financial success post divorce: Part I

Aside from child custody matters, those related to the division of marital assets are among some of the most anxiety-producing and contentious for divorcing cou

Ensuring for financial success post divorce: Part II

In our last blog post, we discussed steps a recent divorcee can take to provide for both current and future financial success. In addition to establishing a mon

Maryland AG urges SCOTUS to reject bans on same-sex marriage

In a matter of weeks, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments in a series of consolidated cases addressing the constitutionality of the

Why would you choose mediation over collaborative divorce?

A recent article draws interesting insights about the alternatives available to divorcing couples, from self-help resources to traditional litigation to alterna

Should you consult with an attorney before filing for divorce?

Although some celebrity divorce filings may be spontaneous, the reality for many couples is a gradual decision, perhaps reached after a period of difficulty or

Can you prepare for your first divorce attorney meeting?

The last straw to break the camel’s break, or the decision to finally file for divorce, may be made in the heat of the moment. However, that doesn’t mean that y

Could an affair impact child custody arrangements?

A contentious divorce may sometimes involve the deposition testimony of friends or coworkers. If that testimony might regard an affair and a parent’s fitness fo

Elements that custody evaluators consider

Custody evaluators are third parties who are either appointed by the court, or agreed to by the parents, to make recommendations to the court regarding legal cu

Temporary parenting plans made for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Many fans in Maryland and throughout the nation have been closely following the current family struggle between movie stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. There

Avoiding child custody problems during the holidays

In Maryland and other states, many former spouses will soon be dealing with various schedules and visits relating to the upcoming holiday season. To avoid child

Making sure your parental rights are not given away

In Maryland and all other states, the court is typically of the opinion that children whose parents divorce fare best when provided ample amounts of time with b

Separation maintenance: What it is and who gets it

There are many reasons a Maryland couple may choose to separate rather than divorce. Perhaps they retain hope that their marriage will be restored. In some circ

Negotiating parenting plans regarding primary caretaker issues

Many Maryland parents are familiar with the divorce process and how easily obstacles can arise, especially regarding child custody and related issues. Mos

Should classes be part of parenting plans after divorce?

Many Maryland parents would cringe if they learned they were required by law to take co-parenting classes with their former spouses. This, however, is exactly w

Marital property becomes an entirely different issue in divorce

Most married couples in Maryland share things. When it comes to things like finances, although some may maintain separate bank accounts on occasion, most couple

Same-sex divorce denied for Maryland same-sex couple

“We were told that because of the unnatural circumstances of our divorce, we would get a ruling by mail. So that, for me, the use of the word ‘unnatural’ and th

Less litigation in divorce cases results in better lives for kids

Divorce is often something that affects not only the lives of a husband and wife, but it also dearly affects the lives of any minor children involved. Understan

Katy Perry receives mansion from Russell Brand in divorce

While their actual assets may differ significantly from ours, celebrities fight many of the same divorce battles that also affect many of the rest of us. If you

Does a long life expectancy spell divorce?

Just what is it that causes a divorce? There are a number of reasons that a couple may decide to go their separate ways, including — but not limited to — irre

New law excuses inmates from paying child support temporarily

Recently, a bill was passed by the Maryland Senate that likely made many inmates that owe child support sigh with relief. The bill allows for inmates in prison

Child custody: domestic violence a relevant factor

Getting divorced is never a pleasant endeavor. There are a myriad of issues to confront, including child custody, child support, property division and spo

Divorcing in the midst of an underwater mortgage?

A Maryland divorce is difficult enough in its own right, but what happens when the couple obtaining the divorce has financial difficulties as well? In particula

Secrets to a ‘good divorce’

When Maryland couples decide to get divorced, what used to be calm conversations may turn into relatively heated discussions. Both parties could potentially lea

Rebuilding your finances during a separation

When a Maryland couple separates, regardless of the reason, it doesn’t just hurt emotionally, but it also hurts financially. A legal separation or divorce

Update: Same-sex divorce granted for Maryland couple

This blog previously detailed a post about a same-sex Maryland couple that has been trying to divorce one another for about two years. The problem was tha

Legal separation: trying to stay together for the children

Marriages often run into their share of troubles. In many cases, this leads to the desire for a divorce. However, divorce isn’t the only choice a couple has, as

Halle Berry and ex battle over child custody of daughter

Famous actress Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry are unable to come to mutual terms when it comes to their young daughter. As with any Maryland mother and fa

Varying laws for same-sex divorce cause ex-couples financial pain

Due to the divided and varying federal and state laws regarding same-sex marriage and divorce, some couples are currently finding themselves in a much more comp

Father continues battle for equal child custody for all dads

As family courts around the country continue to move toward equal parenting rights, a 41-year-old father’s ongoing fight for more visitation time with his young

Can being too nice lead to problems in divorce cases?

It can seem like divorcing couples that are on agreeable terms with one another have the best of both worlds. Not only are they able to avoid a rigid divo

Collaborative law can work well for divorcing Maryland couples

While divorce rates in our country have climbed significantly over the past few decades, more couples are attempting to put their children’s needs first and the

Collaborative divorce method may be proper for Maryland couples

In 1990, the idea of a collaborative divorce was introduced by an attorney who was tired of the contentiousness that is normally associated with many divorces.

Same-sex divorce barred due to reported polygamy

Same-sex couples often face a unique set of challenges when it comes to family law issues. Maryland same-sex couples may be aware that divorces are often blocke

Child custody disputes complicated in Maryland and abroad

Child custody issues can become contentious between parents, whether they were previously married or not. Most Maryland parents know that child custody is

Divorce property division can be heated in Maryland and elsewhere

Due to the headlines this bizarre case is making, Maryland readers may be familiar with a case of a New York man allegedly faking his own drowning to cash in on

Some states struggle with same-sex divorce issues

Many states across the U.S. are struggling with the legalities of same-sex marriage and divorce being allowed in some states, but not recognized in others

Legal separation: better for some Maryland couples?

Legal separation can be a valid method for couples who are wrestling with the decision of whether or not to file for divorce. Sometimes it gives a much needed c

Financial tips for Maryland spouses considering divorce

Couples who are going through a rough marital patch may find that finances are the last thing they want to think about during such a time. Unfortunately, that m

Insurance can add tangle to property division during divorce

There are several property division decisions to be made during the divorce process. One issue related to property division that many divorcing couples ma

Debt an important consideration in Maryland property division

There’s little doubt that divorce can be trying. Among the important issues that Maryland spouses need to carefully consider how their finances will be affected

Rock star joins in fight to uphold same-sex divorce in Maryland

It can be easy for people to take certain rights for granted. Most heterosexual couples in America rarely have to worry about obtaining a divorce if their

Tips for Maryland couples going through property division

Maryland residents who go through a divorce should seek to take every precaution possible to protect themselves from financial missteps that might be made — by

Divorce mediation may benefit Maryland families

Maryland couples who find that their marriages are simply no longer functioning in a healthy way may find it useful to consider all of their options as far as d

Pet custody as tough as child custody for some in Howard County

After making the difficult decision to divorce, couples often think about settling big-ticket items like child custody and property division. For those who don’

International child custody can be challenging in Howard County

Divorce is rarely an easy prospect for most Howard County couples to deal with. From property division to child custody and support issues, it can certain

How divided child custody in Maryland can survive the holidays

According to one family counselor outside of Maryland, separated or divorced parents should consider the issue of the holidays. As the holidays draw near, many

Dennis Quaid files for divorce after wife’s legal separation

In many cases, spouses file for legal separation in order to give themselves some breathing room from a marriage that is no longer functioning properly, but sti

International child custody case goes to Supreme Court

Few Maryland child custody cases will ever make it as high as the U.S. Supreme Court, but one recent case from another state did just that. The child cust

Infidelity’s possible property division toll in Maryland divorce

Infidelity can certainly be emotionally costly on a Maryland marriage, but it could be costly on a financial basis as well. This may be especially true when a d

Same-sex divorce can be harder to obtain outside of Maryland

With more states across the country approving same-sex marriage, questions are being raised as to how to handle the resulting issue of same-sex divorce when sta

Collaborative law process should consider retirement benefits

Collaborative law provides an opportunity for couples who wish to seek a more amicable divorce a method to do so by working together. In a collaborative divorce

January can be the right time for some in Maryland to divorce

The new year often marks a popular time for Maryland couples who have decided that their marriages are no longer working to file for divorce. Many unhappy spous

Danica Patrick’s prenuptial agreement to smooth property division

Many Maryland readers may be familiar with NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, who cemented her place in racing history in March 2011 by placing the highest on the n

Child custody dispute has happy ending for custodial father

Maryland parents who must deal with child custody issues may wonder how the courts view one parent taking a couple’s children to another country and remaining t

Kardashian divorce, property division drags on

Marital property division can often be a difficult stage of the divorce process for Maryland couples. Negotiating who gets what during property division i

Important ruling for same-sex couples disputing child custody

The Supreme Court of another state has entered a judgment in a same-sex child custody dispute that will likely have impact all across the nation, including Mary

Same-sex divorce increasing in Maryland, across the nation

Whenever a heterosexual couple decides that their marriage is over, there is little doubt that a legal divorce will be the ultimate result. For homosexual coupl

Considerations for filing taxes after a Maryland divorce

Filing taxes after divorce may seem like an intimidating process for Maryland residents who are unsure exactly how to navigate doing so under a new marital stat

Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac seeks legal separation

Legal separation is often a good option for couples in Maryland and elsewhere who may be struggling in their marriage. Some choose this route to take when they’

Former owners of the Dodgers re-opening property division case?

A high-stakes property division case that appeared to be settled years ago is once again making headlines in Maryland and abroad. The property division ag

Prenuptial agreements can help in event of a Maryland divorce

Few Maryland couples want to even entertain the idea that their marriage might not work out when they’re still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a relationship. The r

Famed wedding guru David Tutera going through same-sex divorce

Well-known celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, is going through the process of a divorce from his husband of a decade, Ryan Jurica. Maryland fans may know

Some Maryland divorces can benefit from collaborative law

More of those couples who seek a divorce in Maryland and across the nation are turning to collaborative law in an effort to lower their costs and hopefully keep

Jane Lynch announces same-sex divorce from her wife

Same-sex couples are beginning to enjoy more of the same marital rights as their heterosexual counterparts. Of course, with the growing number of same-sex marri

DOMA overturned, could help those in a Maryland same-sex divorce

This week saw a huge legal victory for proponents of same-sex marriage after the United States Supreme Court struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DO

“Full House” star Jodie Sweetin seeks legal separation

Marital problems are rarely easy for any Maryland resident to go through, but for those who are in the public eye, such issues can be even more challenging. Thi

The divorce experience can be improved by considering mediation

The adversarial process hurts children, who must watch divorcing parents in bitter confrontation, trying to tear each other down. The adversarial process sows m

Questions children may have about child custody matters

When a Maryland family is in the midst of a divorce, kids will have a number of questions for both parents about the changes taking place within their family. I

Divorce and child custody can affect Maryland kids

Everyone in the midst of a divorce knows the transition can be a trying time on everyone involved. When children are involved, the divorce process and chi

6 year divorce case finally wraps up for NBA star

While divorce may be unavoidable or simply in the best interest of those involved, having the divorce process last longer than the actual marriage may not be pl

Tips can help Maryland couples navigate divorce

When a marriage ends, there are a vast number of life changes that occur. Some of the changes may be welcome and others may be a harsh wake up call. Any Marylan

Glee star same sex divorce settlement up in the air

As more and more states recognize same sex marriages, they also must face issues that accompany same sex divorce. One same sex divorce is making new

Rising divorce rates for older couples lead to retirement woes

The divorce rate amongst older Americans is on the rise for a number of reasons. However, regardless of the reasons, when older couples divorce, the

Child custody and visitation issues keep divorce case in news

There are times when a divorce can take quite a while to resolve. There can also be numerous hearings to address issues that crop up pertaining to child c

How Maryland couples may want to handle social media and divorce

The role of social media seems to have permeated many aspects of daily life for all ages. Statistics also point to a growing role of social media in divor

New demographic ushers in higher divorce rate

The divorce rate in the United States has fallen slightly but still basically lingers in the 50% range. However, despite the security people may assume co

Financial impact of divorce for Maryland men

While divorce naturally affects both parties in a variety of ways, if the husband was the breadwinner, a divorce may affect his finances more than the wif

Property division in Maryland divorce often a challenging issue

Whenever there is a divorce, there are typically lots of decisions to be made. One very big part of most any divorce is the process of property divi

In Maryland, new laws may quell health care fears after divorce

For many people, the status of their health care benefits is a priority and factors into other areas of their life, from their career choices and family choices

Couples face obstacles with same-sex divorce

The right to marry has been celebrated by same sex couples as more states recognize their unions. However, one aspect of same sex marriage that is now garnering

Helpful tips for Maryland couples going through mediation

When it comes time to handle the details of a marital split, there are many options and avenues on the board today. One option Maryland couples are pursuing is

Ways divorce can affect the sexes differently

Anytime a marriage is dissolved, the lives of both parties involved are altered somewhat. Even under the best of circumstances, either party can have a difficul

For Maryland families, divorce can affect the holidays

Going through a divorce can be challenging enough any time of the year. However, when the holidays roll around, a divorce can cause a number of issues to

Couples going through divorce share more than they know

Whenever a couple is going through a divorce, there are many decisions to be made, regardless of how long they may have been together. As technology reach

Tips for helping children through divorce during in Maryland

Anytime there is a divorce, it can be a difficult time for everyone involved, especially any children. Most parents strive to make the divorce process as

Same-sex couples face unique challenges when it comes to divorce

The divorce process isn’t necessarily easy on any couple. However, for same-sex couples, the divorce process may present unique challenges as divorc

Fight over prenuptial agreement complicates divorce

Any time a couple goes through a divorce, there may be a high number of assets and funds to separate. When there is a prenuptial agreement in place, the p

Divorce can lead to unique child custody challenges

When a couple decides to pursue a divorce, there are naturally a great deal of decisions to be made, some more difficult than others. While property division is

Divorce may pose challenges, spur change for Maryland couples

The act of getting divorce entails much more than simply leaving a spouse and leading a life on one’s own. There may be unique challenges and changes that

Alimony knows no gender when it comes to divorce

For a long time, people associated alimony payments with wives receiving payments from working husbands. However, as more and more women work outside of the hom

Divorce and legal separation can alter tax habits

The process of going through a divorce or legal situation can be difficult. Handling one’s own taxes can be difficult also. Combining the two activities can mak

January is notorious for spike in divorce proceedings

There has been an anecdotal belief that January is a month where there is a spike in divorce filings. Recent statistics point to the jump being a reality,

The Captain and Tennille prove divorce can happen at any age

Divorce does not discriminate by age and can occur for reasons as individual as the individuals involved. Recently, a legendary music couple, The Captain and Te

Divorce rate changes with economy according to one study

Divorce rates have typically stayed pretty consistent over the last few decades. But as with any major life change, outside factors can cause divorce stat

Mediation can be peaceful, private divorce option in Maryland

When it comes time for a couple to split, there may be many images in their heads of what divorce may actually be like. For Maryland couples who have neve

When divorce occurs may matter for benefits

When it comes to divorce and possible benefits, timing may be everything. Some people may not realize this fact, but the length of a marriage in Maryland

Collaborative law could offer solutions for older couples

For those in Maryland who are considering filing for divorce after the age of 50, the issues that will take precedence are different from those faced by y

Same-sex couples face unique challenges in divorce

When a couple decides to separate, there are typically many decisions to be made. Same-sex couples in Maryland may need to decide child custody rights and

Same sex couples seeking divorce need financial facts

For any couple heading toward divorce, it may be a time of uncertainty. When it comes to finances during and after a same-sex divorce, couples face the sa

More states push for joint child custody arrangements

In past decades when a couple married, it was typically a foregone conclusion that the woman would stay home to tend to children while the man worked and provid

Sochi commentor Weir announces impending divorce from husband

Maryland residents who tuned in to watch the figure skating competitions at the recent Sochi Olympics likely recall seeing commentator Johnny Weir. While the So

Trace Adkins’ wife seeks primary custody in divorce

Parents who legally separate or divorce must make important decisions related to child custody agreements and visitation rights. In cases where one parent has a

After more than three years, court orders mom to return daughters to U.S. dad

When a couple chooses to divorce, emotions run high and spill over into what can become a lengthy and contentious divorce. When divorcing spouses also have chil

Moving past the past through a collaborative divorce

Imagine having to make important decisions related to both your future and that of your children in a matter of weeks or months all while under tremendous stres

Same-sex couples face discrimination in child custody matters

In the last decade, gay and lesbian individuals have gained many civil rights. Among these is the right to marry in some states, including Maryland. Like many h

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s wife files for legal separation

It’s an idyllic story that’s played out again and again in books and movies. Two individuals meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. In reality, however

Gay rights pioneer within Episcopal Church to divorce

While gay and lesbian men and women would likely contend there’s still a long way to go, during the last decade, much progress has been made with regard to gay

Grief and loss common emotions in a divorce

Anyone that’s married knows it can be difficult to sustain a close relationship with a significant other. Indeed, all marriages go through many ups and downs. A

Is a collaborative divorce right for you and your ex?

When most people think about divorce, images of ex-spouses battling it out in court often spring to mind. While there are certainly divorce cases in which litig

Poll shows 55 percent of Americans support gay marriage

Within the last decade, there has been great progress made with regard to gay rights. Today, gay and lesbian couples can legally marry in 19 states. Additionall

Divorcing parents would be wise to consider a collaborative divorce

Even in cases where it’s ultimately for the best, it’s sad when a marriage ends. It’s even sadder when individuals who previously loved one another and shared t

Medical marijuana and child custody

In recent years, the country has grown divided about issues related to the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Today, according to

Does your child need counseling post-divorce?

What about the children? This question is often on the minds of divorcing parents. In many cases, parents who are unhappily married stay together long after the

The basics of obtaining a divorce in Maryland

When most couples marry, they truly believe it will be until death do them part. While love may bring a couple together, love alone may not be enough to sustain

Yes, there is an alternative to the traditional courtroom divorce

For some, the word divorce is analogous to war or at least a major battle. However, for many couples who choose to divorce, the decision to end a marriage is mu

Court rules non-biological mom’s parental rights cannot be terminated

When same-sex couples decide to become parents, legal issues related to parental rights must be taken into consideration. In cases where same-sex parents split

Putting kids before money post-divorce

For many people, money equals security. This is especially often true of individuals who have children. It makes sense, therefore, that money, and lack thereof,

Advice for parents on breaking divorce news to children

When a married couple reaches the decision to divorce, change is eminent for everyone involved. In cases where a couple has children, it’s important to follow c

Helping clients discover divorce solutions through the collaborative process

Relationships, particularly those between spouses, are complex and issues both inside and outside a marriage may serve to drive a wedge between spouses. In some

Child custody and visitation in Maryland

For parents in Maryland who are legally separated or divorced, child custody matters are often a chief concern. In all states, including Maryland, child custody

Advice for recently separated or divorced parents as kids head back to school

As the days grow shorter and a chill sets in the air, children across Maryland head back to school. For many kids, the first few weeks of a new school year are

In a divorce, do grandparents have legal rights to a grandchild?

They say blood is thicker than water, but when it comes to divorce and matters related to grandparents’ rights, this saying doesn’t always ring true. In a legal

Same-sex couples and domestic violence

In recent years, societal views related to gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals and same-sex relationships have changed significantly. While today identifying

A case for why joint child custody is the best option in divorce

In a perfect world, every couple who gets married and has a child would stay together. The reality, however, is that roughly 50 percent of U.S. marriages end in

How can unwed Maryland fathers establish paternity?

According to the non-profit Child Trends, during 2013, 41 percent of children born in the U.S. were born to unwed mothers. Statistics from 2006 – 2010 indicate

When dividing personal possessions in a divorce, remain focused on the future

The divorce process is often difficult and, with emotions running high, can lead a person to do or say things they’ll later regret. Moving out of a shared home

Is your soon-to-be ex-spouse hiding assets?

Unfortunately, when some individuals are faced with adversity they do not rise to the challenge and act with integrity. For many individuals divorce stirs up st

Do opposites really attract? Study says no

There’s a theory that opposites attract. Yet, when played out in real life, a new study indicates that certain differences between spouses may actually contribu

Unhappily married doesn’t need to equate to unhappy holidays

This time of year, television shows and movies often depict idyllic holiday celebrations at which family members lovingly gather to give thanks and be merry. Fo

How to have a good divorce

For many people, the word divorce is synonymous with conflict, anger, hurt and resentment. While these types of negative feelings and emotions may have contribu

No, your divorce does not need to turn into World War III

For many Maryland residents, family comes first. Nothing can bring as much joy as marrying a life partner or welcoming a child into one’s family. There are time

The divorce process in Maryland: part I

Depending on the state in which a couple lives, laws related to divorce can vary greatly. In Maryland, a couple who wishes to divorce must meet certain requirem

The divorce process in Maryland: part II

In our last post, we discussed how a Maryland couple may obtain a limited divorce or legal separation and potential benefits and drawbacks of doing so. In

Is your soon-to-be ex-spouse hiding something online?

Statistics from the Pew Research Center show that, as of January 2014, 74 percent of U.S. adults use some type of social networking website. That number will li

Study indicates that, in a marriage, age is much more than just a number

There are many sayings and quotes that attempt to dispel the belief that age matters. While some people may choose to live their lives driven by the notion that

Divorce and an ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits

In a recent blog post, we discussed ways divorce is different for individuals who split from a spouse after age 50. As we discussed, for so-called gray di

A legal seperation agreement can provide clarity and peace of mind

Every relationship and marriage goes through ups and downs. In cases where spouses are not able to overcome marital strife and challenges, they may choose to le

Divorce mediation: Another option if you want a happier divorce

As we’ve discussed on this blog before, many divorcing couples dread the courtroom battles traditionally seen in divorce cases — especially as represented on T

Are those choosing mediation happier with their settlements?

Recently on this blog we discussed mediation, one of several excellent options for divorcing couples who don’t want an “ugly” divorce — one where there relatio

Ex-wife of former Clippers owner can recoup gifts to his mistress

This week, the unfortunate drama continued in the divorce of former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. You may recall Sterling from last April, when a damaging

When can I modify my child custody and parenting arrangements?

A lot of things can change in your life over time, including the needs of your children. If your kids were little when you got divorced, things may look quite d

Can a property settlement be altered after the divorce is final?

You may remember the story from a couple of years ago — Frank and Jamie McCourt, co-owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, went through a very public divorce aroun

What types of payments qualify as alimony for tax purposes?

If you’re getting a divorce involving alimony, it’s important to understand the tax consequences. It may seem like a small thing, considering the wide variety o

Research on what custody outcome is best for kids post-divorce

Family law is a legal universe replete with ongoing studies addressing wide-ranging considerations and topics of concern, and it is immediately understandable w

Reasons behind infidelity are complex and complicated

Learning your spouse cheated is emotionally very tough to deal with. In some cases, couples are able to move on past the transgression, but for many other Maryl

State rep.’s constitutional challenge to same-sex marriage fails

The question of whether the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law applies to same-sex marriage has been a thorny one. As the issue has

Do you really have to separate before getting a Maryland divorce?

If you live in Maryland and are considering getting a divorce, you may have heard that Maryland requires grounds for divorce, but it doesn’t require fault. What

Can property division in a divorce implicate other areas of law?

Even if a couple has agreed to approach their divorce amicably, there is no guarantee that complications won’t arise. For example, the issue of property divisio

What is a qualified domestic relations order?

The term “marital assets” tends to bring up thoughts of the family home, the heirloom furniture, the vehicles and the joint bank accounts.

Same-sex marriage (and divorce) now legal in all 50 state

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a historic decision that makes same sex marriage — and divorce — legal in all 50 states. At the time of the ruli

Do your best to stay on track with child support payments

Child custody and child support payments go hand in hand, but many people may not realize just how serious the penalties are for those paying spouses who miss a

Do prenuptial agreements safeguard against state divorce laws?

Marriage and divorce have long been a jurisdictional matter for the states. In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, however, at lea

Is there any downside to a collaborative divorce?

From the outside, a divorce that can proceed with minimal fighting might save in legal fees and avoid additional heartache. However, as an attorney that focuses

Does divorce mediation encourage post-divorce cooperation?

Does the manner in which a divorce is approached affect its outcome? Specifically, do collaborative divorce options yield a better outcome?

Does a high-asset divorce require more expert testimony?

Although every divorce may present unique issues, a court may have fewer precedents involving high-asset divorces. Such cases may be less common, increasing the

Can a separation agreement be helpful even in a pending divorce?

When a marriage hits the rocks, couples may informally decide on a trial separation. Yet there may be instances where a legal separation could provide protectio

Recent opinion will impact same-sex divorce filings

Is it easy to file for a divorce in Maryland? Then answer is not as simple as readers might imagine.

Can a divorce settlement be modified years after the fact?

Although parties approaching a divorce collaboratively might expect a divorce court to approve their settlement with minimal hassle, a recent celebrity example

Can a collaborative divorce approach benefit children?

Couples that are in a divorce proceeding may not necessarily want to commemorate the occasion with a photograph. Yet that sentiment was not shared by one couple

Meditation vs. divorce, part 2

In this second installment, we specifically explore mediation. As an attorney who is trained in collaborative divorce, I have experience with both that approach

Meditation vs. divorce, part 3

In this final installment exploring several different approaches to divorce, we conclude with an overview of collaborative divorce.

How will a new Maryland law affect legal separations?

Although it might not occur to couples already in the process of a divorce, drawing up a legal separation agreement can offer additional protections.

Can domestic abuse allegations complicate a divorce proceeding?

It is not always possible to approach a divorce collaboratively. For example, in cases of domestic violence, the protections offered by divorce litigation and a

Can a family law firm help unmarried, cohabitating parents?

According to a recent report, the number of unmarried parents who are living together and raising their children has increased in the last decade.

Can a divorce attorney help uncover undisclosed or hidden assets?

If one member of a divorcing couple did not play an active role in the marital finances, is there a danger that the other spouse might attempt to hide assets? C

Can a divorce filing affect your tax return preparation?

Although a divorcing couple may come to an agreement regarding the division of their marital property, a recent article reminds us that it can be easy to overlo

Does geographic location affect child custody determinations?

When parents have plans to relocate after a divorce, does that impact child custody determinations? Possibly.

Is staying in the family home viable after a divorce?

The decision of how to divide the family home might be a central discussion in many divorces. Yet a recent article suggests that new strategies might impact thi

Tips for broaching the issue of a prenuptial agreement

Discussing a prenuptial agreement may not be as romantic as planning the honeymoon vacation, but this type of contract may prove to be an investment in long-ter

How marriage rights will impact same-sex family planning

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in  Obergefell v. Hodges imposed two obligations on states regarding same-sex couples: to issue marriage licenses and to

Study: parents’ separation is harder on girls

Divorce and separation are never easy, especially when children are involved. Yet the physical and emotional impact on girls often gets overlooked. A rece

Ways that advance planning can financially benefit a divorce

A divorce filing might be a highly emotional affair. In fact, there are plenty of celebrity stories about filings made in the heat of the moment. However, there

Is adoption still a challenge for same-sex couples?

Although same-sex couples may now have a right to marry, there are family law issues that continue to present challenges to unmarried couples with children, reg

What happens to kids when parents fight

Conflict between parents is inevitable–but it doesn’t have to hurt kids. Here’s how to turn a disagreement into a positive lesson.

If a divorce was your New Year’s resolution, here are some tips

For some, the fresh start of a New Year means a divorce filing. In fact, a recent article suggests that family and divorce lawyers commonly refer to the first b

Is adoption a prerequisite to obtaining legal child custody?

Are the rules of child custody changing? A recent decision warrants a closer look.

Does legal separation affect property division in divorce?

The workplace demographic in America has changed dramatically in the past decade, with many dual-income households becoming the norm. From a family law pe

Could your credit be sabotaged while your divorce is pending?

Our family law firm focuses on various alternative dispute processes. Methods like mediation or collaborative law can help a divorcing couple save on both

Will divorce set back your retirement plans?

Divorce unquestionably affects an individual’s finances.  Without a dual-income household, living expenses may be higher. In addition, those who divorce after a

Is your divorce attorney a good fit?

How can an individual know if he or she has chosen the right family law attorney to provide representation during a divorce? Our law firm’s website includes tes

Survey highlights changing opinions about family issues

A recent article highlighted changing societal opinions about various aspects of relationships and family life. The data, based on survey responses collected be

From domestic partnership to gay marriage: a rocky transition?

Gay marriage may now be a constitutional right, but same-sex couples may still encounter obstacles at the state level. Fortunately, additional court decisions a

Are same-sex couples protected by domestic violence laws?

Do other areas of the law need to catch up to the constitutional right to gay marriage? A recent article exposed a deficiency regarding domestic violence protec

Prenuptial agreements may spark healthy discussions

Although conventional wisdom holds that around half of marriages end in divorce, new studies indicate that the percentage may be lower.

Is it realistic to expect cooperation from your ex-spouse?

The situation that most often requires cooperation from ex-spouses after a divorce is a visitation plan. However, there are other examples, such as selling join

Are Maryland’s divorce procedures becoming streamlined?

Readers may assume that an uncontested divorce in Maryland would be a quick and routine affair, but state law imposes what some commentators have characterized

The importance of a separation agreement

While many people immediately think about divorce when ending their marriage, a legal separation can be a viable — and even beneficial — option for some. Howeve

Why parents choose bird-nesting

Bird-nesting can be tough for divorced parents. To do it, the parents make a custody schedule and move in and out of the home, while the kids stay in the home a

What is collaborative law and can it work for you?

Collaborative law has been around for many years, but it has become increasingly popular for use in situations like custody disputes and divorce settlements. In

Post-divorce behavior and its effect on children

It’s common for parents to worry about how a divorce will affect their children. However, a study recently published in Marriage & Review has found that it may

Legal separation can be a trial run for divorce

For a big decision like divorce, it would be really nice to have a trial period first so that you could experience and fully understand the ramifications of you

What acts of kindness can do for divorcees

In times like this, where we hear more about trouble and tragedy, it is good to hear about acts of kindness. These stories are encouraging reminders that people

Can social media rants affect your case?

With the way we use social media these days, it is understandable that everything in our lives can be shared with the masses with just a few keystrokes. But wit

Three tips for remedying missed parenting time

We hope our readers had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend. Indeed, this is an amazing the time of year because families enjoy the summer weather and have oppor

Seeking support modifications for back to school shopping?

Major League Baseball calls August, the “dog days of summer.” The NFL calls it “The Countdown to Kickoff.” Democrats and Republicans have their national convent

Promises divorcing parents should make to each other

It may go without saying, but divorces may bring out the worst in people. For those divorcees who are parents, it is very important for them to realize that kid

Things to consider when telling kids about a divorce

Whether you are contemplating a divorce, or are currently filing a petition, it is likely that people will have questions about your decision and may wonder wha

Could a support modification help with school expenses?

It’s no secret that a new school year is nearly upon us. If you haven’t noticed by all the new offerings in Target, Kohl’s or Walmart, the back to school commer

Why some angry couples prolong divorces

In our years as divorce attorneys, we encounter our share of angry couples. While the reasons may be as diverse as the couples themselves, there are certain dyn

Six tips to help children through a divorce

When many people decide to divorce, they may consider how their own lives will change, but they may not always consider how the end of a marriage may affect the

Three tips for handling new routines and a new school year

Change is not always easy. It may seem cliché, but it is true. Just like kids must go through an adjustment period when a new school year starts, so must parent

What to do when a child does not want to visit

During a divorce or child custody dispute, parents may deal with situations where a child will not want to spend time with a non-custodial parent. Essentially,

Three ways to avoid financial calamities during divorce

Dealing with finances is one of the troubling emotional issues that must be dealt with during a divorce. After all, heartbreak is difficult enough to deal with;

Native American tribe engaged in child custody battle

Not all custody battles in Maryland are between parents who divorce. Some situations may involve other family relatives. An ongoing child custody battle i

Could your divorce be prolonged by anger?

As a divorce attorney, it is not surprising that I see my share of angry couples. The reasons for their contempt for each other may vary greatly depending on th

What child custody has to do with what kids eat for supper

Couples in Maryland who divorce often face challenges when developing future parenting plans. Many relationships are fragile when there have been emotional rift

Law may change child custody system for those in military

One can only imagine the horror associated with coming home from active military service and being unable to find one’s own children. Shockingly, this has happe

Reality TV star requests new child custody order

The tables have turned for reality TV show star Jenelle Evans after having been accused of abusing drugs while pregnant on the “Teen Mom 2” show, which has many

Facing property division issues in Maryland

Maryland is an equitable distribution state. This means that property division in divorce may not always be equal, but it will be fair as determined by the cour

Father accuses mother of unsafe practices in child custody battle

Wealthy propriety trader, Steven Schonfeld, had a child with ex-model Sidra Saucedo in 2005. For the past several years, Schonfeld and Saucedo have been engaged

Preventing child custody problems in Maryland and beyond

Most Maryland parents will agree that raising children is a journey that includes both joys and challenges. For those who have gone through or are going through

When it looks like New Year parenting plans will involve divorce

Families throughout Maryland and the nation often view January as a month of new beginnings. Along with other New Year resolutions, many determine to eat health

Weighing the pros and cons of legal separation

Many married couples in Maryland have gone through or are currently facing serious relationship problems. Some will wind up getting divorced. Others may determi

No apparent grounds to keep Brad Pitt from child custody

Many Brad Pitt fans in Maryland and throughout the nation have been rallying behind him and keeping close tabs on news updates regarding his contentious divorce

Property division not always equal in Maryland

When a married couple moves to Maryland, they might not be aware of all the laws that govern family-related matters throughout the state. For instance, most new

Child custody and tax time: What do they have in common?

Maryland parents who divorced this year have likely faced numerous challenges regarding new parenting plans and lifestyle changes. Child custody issues often co

Parenting plans have gone awry for Johansson and Dauriac

Actress Scarlett Johansson has formally filed for divorce from the husband from whom she’s been separated for a while now, Romain Dauriac. The two have a daught

Woman says she never dreamed she’d face this child custody battle

When Maryland parents divorce, the court often devises orders that provide explicit instructions for parenting plans. Every family situation is different; there

Mel Gibson and others have faced serious child custody problems

Whether someone is a parent in Maryland, or a high profile celebrity in Hollywood, going through divorce can be especially challenging when children are involve

How will property division affect your future following divorce?

Any Maryland resident who has ever navigated divorce proceedings may understand how complicated and stressful the process can be. Although many people determine

Affleck and Garner make parenting plans in divorce look easy

Casual passers-by in Maryland might not realize Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are currently navigating divorce proceedings if they were to see them in a local

How summer vacation plans can affect child custody situations

Many Maryland parents are currently navigating divorce. It’s safe to assume that in most of these situations, major life changes have accompanied their decision

Can new parenting plans lead to better parenting skills?

Maryland parents who have divorced may agree that the process can be extremely challenging at times, especially where children are concerned. Amicably navigatin

Divorce doesn’t mean you abdicate your property rights

Should the house be sold? Who gets the car? Where will the children spend summer vacations? These are but a few of many questions commonly addressed by Maryland

Judge allows new parenting plans to take effect for Jenelle Evans

There may be Maryland parents currently facing serious challenges with regard to custody of their children. Developing parenting plans after divorce or in

Child custody situation complicated by criminal charges

Raising children is often a rewarding and joyous experience although it is seldom without its challenges. Any Maryland parent currently facing child custo

Is Maryland law fair when it comes to child custody situations?

Going through divorce in Maryland or any other state is seldom an easy process. Especially if children are involved, spouses may face tremendous challenges when

Sorting through property division complications in Maryland

There are only nine states in the nation govern property issues in divorce under community property laws. Maryland is not one of them. In this state (as the maj

Legal separation may be viable option for some in Maryland

Many Maryland residents are currently facing serious marital problems. Some will wind up divorcing; others are undecided but know they wish to take up residence

Facing possible financial strain re property division in divorce

In Maryland and throughout the United States, more and more people are getting divorced beyond age 50. Gray divorce has been highlighted in the media with

Court’s decision regarding child custody makes Paul Anka happy

Maryland baby boomers and others may well remember the songs and stage performances of then teenage heart-throb, Paul Anka. Some may not know, however, that he

Newly proposed program may impact parenting plans in Maryland

When married parents in Maryland choose to divorce, they typically face several challenges related to child care and support. Many families include mothers who

What do I need in my Marital Settlement or Separation Agreement?

Basic provisions in a marital settlement or separation agreement include:

Can we get a Divorce if we still live together?

You can get divorced even while living together IF:

Everyone Has a Post-Mortem Estate Plan

Whether or not you have any documents prepared, you have a post-mortem estate plan in place courtesy of the State of Maryland.

Everyone Has an Incapacity Estate Plan for Health Care Issues

Whether or not you have any documents prepared, you have an incapacity estate plan for health-care issues in place courtesy of the State of Maryland.

Everyone Has an Incapacity Estate Plan to Manage Assets

Whether or not you have any documents prepared, you have an incapacity estate plan to manage your assets in place courtesy of the State of Maryland.

Maryland residents may choose mediation instead of bitter divorce

National Football League head coach Sean Payton and his wife of almost 20 years have recently filed countering divorce petitions. While other options for mediat

Maryland mediation promotes swift and effective divorce decrees

One common description of divorce would be a long process full of hurt feelings and costly proceedings. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case for Mar

Maryland property division must be an honest process

The property division process that couples go through when divorcing can seem difficult enough to get through under normal circumstances. In situations where on

Same-sex marriage legal in Maryland, as is same-sex divorce

Same-sex couples and their supporters in Maryland are likely excited that state voters recently legalized same-sex marriage. While the measure to uphold the law

Maryland Special Appeals Court upholds property division case

Recently, one man tried to make an interesting argument in an attempt to avoid the property division process that comes with a Maryland divorce: he claimed that

Child custody and child support important for Maryland parents

Divorce can bring along a lot of financial considerations for Maryland spouses who decide to end a marriage. These considerations run the gamut from evolving ta

Maryland divorce mediation can benefit from financial advisers

One part of the divorce process that can be especially contentious for Maryland spouses is that of property division. When it comes to dividing up marital asset

Maryland child custody cases can be contentious

Maryland residents may be following along with the divorce case between Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pillar, which continues to heat up. We posted abou

Maryland property division: Prenups should be thoroughly reviewed

Maryland residents who go through divorce often find themselves at odds over how to divvy up the assets that a couple shares. In most cases, having a prenuptial

Maryland same-sex divorce: Supreme Court considers DOMA legality

We’ve posted before about the difficulties that crop up for same-sex couples seeking divorce after marrying in states like Maryland, that recognize their marria

Maryland collaborative law can be good choice for those over 50

Collaborative law is often a good choice for Maryland couples going through so-called ‘gray’ divorce, which basically means choosing to divorce when both spouse

Maryland child custody: 2 boys safely returned to grandparents

A recent child custody case involving parents who allegedly abducted their children from the grandparents who had official guardianship over the children has en

Maryland legal separation: Steps for financial peace of mind

Many Maryland residents wait until after a divorce is finalized to begin protecting themselves financially. While this may be fine for couples who are going thr

Maryland property division: Auto and home insurance policies

We’ve posted before on the topic of how insurance can complicate the property division process of divorce (‘Insurance can add tangle to property division during

Maryland property division may benefit from a prenup

Asking for a prenuptial agreement can often seem like stepping into a minefield fraught with danger at every step. Some Maryland residents feel that seeking a p

Forging Divorce Papers Proves to Be Wrong Move

The process of obtaining a divorce can be long and complicated for some. However, there really are no shortcuts when it comes to going through the proper legal

Same-sex marriage and child custody issues

Since the passage of The Civil Marriage Protection Act in 2012, the marriages of same-sex couples in Maryland have been legally recognized. As a result, these c

Collaborative divorce provides individuals more control in a divorce

For a number of reasons, some marriages simply don’t work out. Spouses may realize they want different things in life. For example, one spouse may want to have

Is cheating simply in some people’s genes?

People may cheat on a significant other or spouse for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it may be pure lust while in other cases an individual may cheat in a

Can spouses who experience communication breakdowns ever recover? Study says maybe

When individuals meet, fall in love and decide to marry; they vow to do so “till death do us part.” However, in reality, marriage is no guarantee that a relatio

Study sheds light on same-sex marriage and divorce trends

The right to marry is one that many individuals in heterosexual relationships take for granted. However, until very recently, individuals involved in same-sex r

Unwed parents often struggle with child custody issues

When discussing familial relationships and family structure, many modern-day references still use the outdated context of a man and woman who are married and ha

How are assets, property and debt divided in divorce?

When two individuals decide to get married, they vow to share their lives with one another. Barring a prenuptial agreement detailing otherwise, sharing also app

How is divorce different for individuals age 50 and older?

At any age, going through a divorce can be difficult. For younger couples, matters related to child custody, a family home and shared assets and debts are typic

Traditional divorce doesn’t appeal to many couples

When two people make the decision to divorce, the process is often highly emotional. For spouses who have managed to approach the divorce process in an amicable

Are you dealing with a child support dispute?

According to 2013 estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, parents can expect to pay costs totaling more than $245,000 until a child reaches age 18. W

Children may cope with divorce in unhealthy ways

Many people struggle to make the decision of whether or not to divorce. For couples with children, decisions related to divorce are often much more complicated

How to tell the kids you’re getting separated or divorced

If you and your spouse have come to the conclusion that your marriage is no longer sustainable, you’ve probably gone through a lot of soul-searching. If you hav

Same-sex marriage (and divorce) now legal in all 50 states

There is no ‘perfect’ age at which one should pursue divorce

If you are thinking about filing for divorce from your spouse, you may have some age-specific concerns related to the process. For example, if you are young and

Helping a loved one through the divorce process

One of the most challenging things a person can do is to support a loved one during a time of trial. If you are concerned about how to best aid one of your love

Should you revisit your estate plan when getting divorced?

A law practice devoted to family law is about much more than divorce. In fact, our lawyers understand that legal planning can help individuals navigate through

Your divorce might affect your credit score

During the property division process of a divorce, both parties are given certain assets and certain debts. The division is approved by the court and the partie

Times when you should not start a divorce

Few blog post talk about the worst (or inopportune) times to call your marriage quits. Despite your feelings about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, timing is everythi

Lessons for healing after a divorce

The emotional and financial trials of a divorce are unfortunately a common part of dissolving a relationship. Because of this, many may think that it is a sign

What do courts consider in move away cases

It is an unfortunate, yet common part of divorce; one parent may choose to move away with the children. Sometimes a change is necessary because a parent recentl

Three things to do after your divorce is finalized

Depending upon your appetite for celebrity relationship gossip, the recent announcement of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s impending divorce may, or may not be,

Elements surrounding Halloween parenting time disputes

With Halloween coming in a couple of weeks, some of our readers may be experiencing difficulty with deciding where their child will go Trick-or-Treating. In som

Helpful pieces of advice for divorcing women

Since it has been said that women initiate a majority of divorces in America, it behooves us to provide a post on divorce advice for moms and moms-to-be who are