In Maryland and other states, many former spouses will soon be dealing with various schedules and visits relating to the upcoming holiday season. To avoid child custody problems during such times, many parents have included specific instructions in their court orders so no stone is left unturned. This way, everyone involved is clear on which parent spends which holiday with whom.

It’s typically best to be flexible and willing to cooperate and compromise when planning holiday celebrations. Studies show children do best when they spend ample time with both parents, unless extenuating circumstances exist that would be potentially detrimental to the children. In fact, some parents even agree to spend holidays together to create a peaceful and festive atmosphere for their children.

Unfortunately, not all situations run so smoothly. A severe breakdown in communication may make friendly discussions and planning nearly impossible. Under such circumstances, it may be best to rely on skilled and experienced negotiators to act on one’s behalf in order to avoid emotional uproars during the holidays.

Margaret H. Oliver, LLC understands the importance of protecting children’s best interests when  child custody problems arise. The sooner you can resolve troubling matters and focus on building new and lasting holiday memories with your kids, the better. To achieve your goals, you may contact our Maryland office to request an appointment so we can discuss your current situation and help you determine how best to proceed to obtain an amicable solution and move forward toward a successful and happy future.