Casual passers-by in Maryland might not realize Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are currently navigating divorce proceedings if they were to see them in a local restaurant or park. In fact, many people in another state recently saw the former couple coming out of church together on Easter Sunday. That’s why some readers may be surprised to learn the parents of three recently filed for divorce and are likely negotiating new parenting plans.

Affleck and Garner have been separated more than two years. They have three children who range in ages from 5 to 11. Sources say the two are determined to make their children’s best interests the focal point of their marital split.

There are many couples in Maryland who would love if their divorces could be as amicable as Affleck’s and Garner’s appears to be. The reality is, however, many parents face tremendous challenges when it comes to achieving fair and agreeable solutions to child-related issues in divorce. Issues such as where the children will spend holidays, where they’ll go to school and where they’ll live and how much (if any) child support is needed often require highly skilled negotiation before workable solutions can be achieved.

Fans of Affleck and Garner will no doubt continue to follow their pending divorce proceedings. In the meantime, any Maryland parent in need of guidance to develop new parenting plans in divorce can request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney to discuss a particular matter. When children’s needs remain a central focus in divorce proceedings, a path toward a successful, happy future can often be forged.

Source:, ” Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Are All Smiles Celebrating Easter Together After Filing for Divorce“, Kendall Fisher, April 16, 2017